The concept of dating is not a new one. People have been seeing each other and expressing love since time immemorial. In the modern times when everything is done through the way of internet and World Wide Web, it is not a surprise that dating too has evolved its ways and adapted itself to fit into the technological era. Online dating is on a surge since the turn of the century. Men and women meet on virtual dating sites now than ever before. The taboos related to online dating has been broken down to such a level that now it is not uncommon for people to talk to strangers on the phone without revealing their identities. This gives them a chance to be anonymous and hence escape from the judgments that comes along with someone’s affixed identities.


It is easier for people this way make other like them for who they really are instead of getting judge firsthand buy their looks. It is indeed revolutionary, how online dating apps have helped in breaking down stereotypes and bringing people together irrespective of their age, gender and depending just on their compatibility.

One app that helps to uphold this revolutionary task is iUV. Allowing it users to talk to people all over the world with a common language of love, the app has become quite a range in the international dating scenario. The app allows online dating phone call to anyone in the world, based on their common languages. What better way for a truly global world to come together than by the language of love.