There are several Online dating apps to make your life enjoy full and entertaining. These apps are however becoming popular with the continuous enhancements as well as up gradation of new platform. Have you ever thought how these free apps actually work? Calls made by these online dating apps get transformed into equivalent signals and finally these signals are being converted into small packets of data. These packets then travel over the internet worldwide. The age of making a call through fixed lines and mobile phones is almost on the edge of getting vanished.

iUV is one such android free international call app for mobile that opens up diverse avenues in building up new relationships, every time you make use of it. Your call reaches a random person, who could happen to be your immediate neighbor or someone sitting overseas. It is all a game of fate and luck, which is based on the selection of the languages that you are well versed with. With whichever person your languages known matches up, your call will get diverted to that number. And identity of the caller and receiver remains completely hidden, until both of them wish to disclose it!