The pangs of loneliness are not new to this world where things are connected but human beings are not. Every now and then one feels like a gaping hole is staring at you but you have no one to open up to about it. It is a predicament of almost every person in the age of technology. Whether you are young, middle aged or old, everybody needs listening and caring ears at times. After all, it is only human to err and humane to feel lonely. But just because you are alone, does not mean you should be lonely.

To push people out of their lonely stupor and give them a helping hand online dating call apps have proved to be something of utmost importance. The age of technology is upon. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that it has taken over our personal lives too, so much so that people rely on it to search for the perfect other who can be their partners.

This is further helped by the fact that the internet allows for call and that too free online dating calls to any part of the world without being heavy on your pocket. These android dating apps like iUV are bringing the world together in more ways than one can even fathom. The choices are broaden, the horizons to meet or talk to someone new and maybe a possible match id quadrupled as it focusses on connecting people speaking the language of love. Apart from that, it has this great feature that allows the callers and the receiver to withhold their true identities. So, it adds an edge of mystery, at the same time allowing you to role play as whoever you want. This allows you to talk about any subject being anyone.