There are all kinds of folks in all kinds of places who are in connections and marriages for all kinds of motives, apart from being in love. Is it easy, candid or standard? That depends on your engagements; there may even be a mode to make it easier or more enjoyable.

It ought to come as no surprise that cash is the top cause for people to enter into relations with someone they are not in love with. There is a large section of our residents who believe that money matters; it makes their world go round. They are willing to swap the magic of love for safety.

Low self-esteem or the lack of poise in one’s own ability to direct a life alone is a major reason people to enter into a non-loving relationship. The kindness and even the friendship of another person are worth the trade as they finish the hunt to real love and take what is obtainable. This group feels fortunate to have found someone who will stay with them.

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