It’s time to make the online dating phone call, the first of what you hope will be many talks with someone special. You thought you were fine, and even excited to talk to someone random. But then the nerves take hold and… Your heart beat starts racing, your lips are soaked and you’re stammering.

If you can relate to this problem. Here is what can help you to overcome this nerve-racking situation.

Put your first online dating call in perspective: This is not an appointment with your beauty therapist; it is a conversation with another person.

Breathe deeply
Here is a simple but amazingly powerful breathing technique you can easily do to overcome stress before making your first online dating phone call. Breathing only through your nose, inhale to the count of three and exhale to the count of six. Do this three times and you are good to make the online dating phone call.

Concentrate on the present
First online dating phone call is like auditioning—the stakes are great and therefore nerves will unquestionably come into play. When you get nervous on the call, put your concentration into the present instead of the outcome.


Focus on the positive
Make two columns on a sheet of paper. On the left side of the page, write down how your negative opinions are discouraging your self-confidence. Write them down as though you are talking to yourself, for example, “Don’t get too excited about this online dating phone call. He/she is not going to find you interactive and funny enough.”

Next, on the right hand side of the page, jot down a more truthful or friendly statement about yourself. “I may not be a supermodel, but I have a good sense of humor.” Decide which of these more positive, realistic statements you will act on before making online dating phone call… Now go for it and have fun. Isn’t it what you are here for?