Although socially awkward people are respectively rarer. However when we look at the grand scheme of things, they are not that uncommon either. Let’s say there are 1% awkward individuals. If these people live in a city of 400,000, there will be 4000 people in their area alone that are struggling with this issue. The number will grow to millions over the continent and much more around the world. Social awkwardness is not a disease but people who suffer have their own set of worries and insecurities, and feeling confused and frustrated by their situation is all but unavoidable. Even the thoughts and behaviours they have may be totally esoteric and unique to us but are shared by many.

Now that the internet is around it makes it way easier to confirm that all those other socially awkward people are out there. People suffering from social anxiety or awkwardness meet through popular sites, blogs, and discussion forums devoted entirely to helping their audience overcome various social difficulties. The most helpful of these social networking platforms is online dating call apps. These apps enable these socially awkward people to talk to random users around the globe, through anonymous phone calls online. iUV is one such free random dating app that connects people through cheap international calls.