Random dating app are the best way to meet people from around the globe and share your feelings without keeping any reservations and inhibitions. If you are someone who likes to meet people of new cultures, language and religion, these are your best chance without having to travel all around. So what do you do when you are actually using one of these apps?

Make a list of your priorities. By this I mean what is your reason behind using the app. Are you on a search of adventure, just passing time, making chit chat, interested in knowing people from around the globe or in search for true love? Reasons could be many, however knowing them in priority is important.

Once you are clear about the purpose, make your profile. If any details are to be filled, fill them in a way that describe your purpose and persona the best. First impression is always important. No need of run around bushes, keep everything to simple. Make clear why you are using a random phone call app. The shorter the introduction the more intriguing it is.

Always try to be optimistic. Everyone likes company of someone positive. If your purpose is to use this as a free dating call app, then make it clear when you call people you are interested in.