A study revealed the relationship between voice attractiveness and body dimension. In women, voice attractiveness was correlated with waist narrower than hips and in men; an attractive voice was correlated with broad shoulders, narrow waist.

Just as scent and symmetry are subtle yet important indicators of genetic suitability, voice of a person also gives clues to his ability to reproduce. There is a reason why good looking men have deep voices that any women can avow upon her love.

Voices tip us off on how people look, but some studies say they can suggest someone’s sexual activities as well.  That soft, beautiful, angelic voice can definitely draw any man towards her, or that heavy manly voice can melt her heart.

Just as much one can detect from photographs, listeners can determine people’s personality, social and economic status and mental state from their voice. Some studies suggest that physical factors such as age, height and weight can also be determined by some listeners.

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