Secrets hold a very mystical place in hearts of people. Indeed there is a voyeuristic tendency in all our natures that make another person’s secret so intriguing for us. We are always eager to know about what is going on in someone else’s lives. How they are reacting to it? What is that one confession that makes people go crazy about you?

Indeed the concept of reality shows too and all major television serials are based on this concept. We want to see that other people to go through the same travesties of life like we do. And hence the interests around secrets build up. Confessions and secrets go hand in hand. Since time immemorial, the church has been the tool that listens to all your secrets and gives people an outlet for confessions. Hence, confessions and letting out the closely guarded secrets has been always a much excepted concept.

In the modern world this has turned into a new thing. Now people divulge secrets with the help of technology. There are numerous apps which help a person do this. Indeed one such app is iUV. The unique feature about the app is that it helps you to connect with people and talk to them with complete anonymity like a free random dating app. That means it allows for online anonymous confessions with revealing your identity, while at the same time giving you’re an opportunity to divulge your secrets at your will.

If you are searching for a platform for secrets and a way to let them out, iUV is the place for you.