Many people are looking for emotional and mental support that they fail to get from their family and friends. Their relationships are failure on this front and all they want is someone who can listen to their problems or emotions. On the other hand there are people who want to stay anonymous and help people by solving their problems. Online random calling apps are a wondrous platform connecting these people. iUV is one such online random phone calling app that connects people based on their language and mood preferences. Once you download and install this free app on android and ios appstore, you can connect free international phone calls, by using its touch to call feature.

All you have to do is select your preferred language out of the 15 enlisted languages and then select your emotion. Once the selections are made, this marvellous app will connect you at random with other users logged into the app around the world.  iUV is one such app which makes sure that everyone gets to share their emotions and feelings whenever they want over cheap international calls.