It is but humane to have sinned. No one can be righteous in all senses. While we all try to be at our perfect behavior and follow the path of moral goodness, to have erred is inescapable at times. Greed, anger, jealousy and hatred are part of human nature, and sometimes take over our judgements. What is the way to get liberated from our misdoings then?

Looking for instant confessing app


God has showed us the way to freedom in the form of confession. Christian or not, act of confession can bring everyone closer to achieving humility. Through the sacramental of confession, one can find strength to forgive himself and others. Confessing however is not easy, and is attached to emotions of guilt and conciseness. To avoid getting judged, one can make use of online anonymous confession apps. These apps give a platform to users to come clean of their lapses. These apps are completely anonymous and connect people from around the world over random phone calls. This takes away the fear of getting judged in person. iUV is one such  anonymous phone calls online apps that brings users from around the globe together, to let them acknowledge their mistakes and forgive each other.