Sacrament of confessing sets in us accountability for what we have done. To accept one’s misdoings, takes a lot of courage. Having sinned is part of who we are. It is only human to have made a mistake, although admitting it to ourselves takes bravery. The very experience of confessing, is nerve wrecking and the fear of getting judged is immense. To avoid all these deficits of act, one can make use of instant confession making apps, to make confessions online.


These apps provide a common platform to like minded, anonymous users to connect at random from across the globe and confess their sins, guilt free. Users counsel each other and work as a support system to each other. One of such confession making app is iUV. This app connects users from all around the world, over free international calls online. Users of iUV can opt out of 15 different languages and 6 different emotions, before placing the call. This app is completely anonymous and the best place to confess sins online.