Online dating apps are trending, and there is no denying about the positive results that users of these apps are getting. People are finding dates in minutes. These apps have made it easier for people to filter suitable profiles and scrutinize through the potential dates. After considering all of the pros and cons, one can choose to make advances, and if not than there are always plenty of other users to connect with.

These free random dating app are fun to use and are not time bounded, one can choose their own time of convenience to go online. You could be riding a cab or shopping groceries, while checking out the profiles of other users. While these apps are fun to use, the mystery and the sense of adventure kinds of gets ruined. To include these added features, and made these apps more entertaining to use.

Now one does not have to keep waiting for other people to like their profiles, and the long process of sorting through images. With these anonymous phone calling apps, one can get connected and start talking in an instant. People can then choose if they want to connect with the same person again or not.


These apps lay stress upon the need of communication in building relationships. The very idea of iUV is to engage people over phone calls, and then let users explore the idea of dating.

Apart from being a dating app, these apps are being used by users as a support group where people discuss and share their issues and seek counselling. People come on these anonymous phone calls online app to confess and come clean. Counselling and words of forgiveness alone can make one’s concise clean. With use of variety of sentiments and languages, users can use these phone calling apps for all range of purposes.

Felling bored, and want to make a new friend, had a tiring day at office, or just need to tell someone about your recent breakup, all these can be done using these random phone call dating app. One of such amazing apps is iUV. This app has set new standards in the market of online dating apps. iUV is available at no cost on markets of iOS and android. So next time you think of using a new dating app, think of iUV.