Confessions are anxiety busters. They make you ease the pain and discharge the undesirable spirits through the procedure of Purgation. Coming clean on guilt, your faults or something tough to digest before someone is not a tranquil task and entails a lot of nerve. It can be anything, a juvenile gaffe in your fledgling years, an adolescent fault, or a measured effort to hurt someone.

You might commit something unwise on drive and keep that at the back of your concentration thinking it as a light problem but it is not the situation. A bad action to hurt someone’s feelings or life can lead to disastrous penalties. Sometimes it can give you a life-long disturbing result or a psychotic sickness. Therefore, be cautious before you try to do something wicked or painful to a being or an animal. It is not for your fun but for your security. If you feel like doing something that cruel, try talking to someone on the anonymous cell phone calls apps available throughout the internet.

But then there are other kinds of naughty thing which might be a taboo for the society in which you want to immerse yourself. It might be anything at all. Just because the society prescribes something as a taboo does not mean it always wrong. And you might have actually indulged in it and now you carry the guilt along with you for doing that thing. You constantly worry about what people might think of you if you ever blabber about it. The constant thought of your friends and family judging you over a thing like this is really stress full. And this is where a confession will prove to be cathartic to you. Anonymous phone calls online can reduce much of your stress by letting you divulge without being held accountable and judge for it.


Catharsis is defined as a feeling of purging out the negative thoughts and inhibitions inside a person so that he or she is able to function in the society normally. Apps like iUV perfect for this kind of purposes. Indeed, one can use it as their personal confession making app and divulge everything and anything to anyone randomly at every call one makes. The innovative feature about the app is that it connects you randomly to people and doesn’t let the one on the other end of the phone know about. So grab your own confession app with iUV today!