All of us have sinned, in some way or the other. Life at times gives us no alternative, but to make mistakes. It is but in human nature to yield to greed, anger and jealousy. We might get away with wrong doings, but the guilt that we carry for our mistakes haunt us for lifetime.

Guilt is a burden that everyone who has made mistake has to carry. There is no escaping it. Our guilt is the constant reminder of our immorality. The only way to get past our guilt and feel free is by confessing our sins. Only the sacrament of pleading guilty can set our soul free.

As easy as it may sound, but confession is not easy. Just telling someone about the wrongs that we have made does not mean confessing. It is important to realize that we have made mistakes and have to repent for our dissipation. Only with this feeling of regret and repentant can liberate oneself.


Another big issue of confessing is the judgement that is accompanied with accepting one’s mistake. People don’t always be understanding and forgiving, and in such case, confessing will not help you outgrow your guilt. Therefor it is a better option to instant confession making app. Being on a random phone call while confessing makes it easier for the person to speak out his mind without any inhibitions or fear.

One of such make confessions online iUV is getting popular amongst user. With inception of this trending app, people are able to admit their decadence, sitting at home. The app, is built in a way that users get connected over anonymous phone calls. No personal details of either of user is shared.

The other reason behind the ever-increasing popularity of this app is that it connects all its users over free international phone calls. This makes it pocket friendly app that people can use on the go. So if you have any secret of yours to share, or want to come clean, make a call on iUV and you will be surprised of how friendly and helpful users of iUV are.