Online dating is not a new concept. It started as soon as MySpace became a thing. Although MySpace is a social dinosaur now and the world of dating has been taken over by mainly dating app ios, it is not a surprise that India is not far behind the world in making its own versions of dating apps which allow youngsters to meet similar people of their kind and try and hit a spark of love.

Communication has over the years jumped leaps and bounds when one talks about advancement in the field. From the first phone calls made by mankind to being able to make phone calls without being charged across borders, it is nothing short of a miracle in such a short amount of time. So many apps have come up in the last decade which has made calling and staying connected with our loved ones easier by the day.

Having said this, it is a prerogative to look at why homebred online international call apps are doing do great in the market. For one, the country has one of the largest demographics of young people and they are mostly below the age of 25. At this age, it is undeniable exciting to meet new people and share their everyday struggles with them. These android dating apps are not just used by the young and energetic as tools for finding love; they very well serve the function of searching great friends in a new town or even a random hookup. Some of these online dating apps allow users to talk to other users at cheap international calls rates.


One such app that helps facilitate conversation between young adults is iUV. Unlike many of the dating apps, the app does not ask you swipe left or right and judge someone by looking at a square piece of photo. Get to know people on the basis of their personality and not their looks. The app allows users to connect with random users all over the world with free international calls online across borders and talk to them in a common language. The identity is kept absolutely anonymous so it is the users’ choice to reveal it or not. Get iUV and spice up your life at the earliest.