We live in the age of internet. Digital world of internet satisfies every need of ours. Getting a chocolate fudge brownie in middle of the night was never this easy, all you need to do is go online and order one. Watching movies, playing board games, jerking off to a porn, all of it is easy with internet. With this transformation, the way of dating has also altered. We are relying on online dating apps, to find our true mate for us while we sip on coffee sitting in our pajamas. There are so many different dating apps available and the reasons apps like Tinder are becoming the one-night hook up apps that can just help you satisfy your carnal urges. I’m bloody bored of swiping left and right and engaging in meaningless rounds of throwing texts at each other.


So what to do, if not get enrolled on these trending apps. This just might sound a bit contradicting, but I am not lawyering up against online dating apps, but just emphasizing on need for a better way of connecting to people. On most of the anonymous phone calls online apps in the market, the main principle of finding a date is based purely on appearances and this form of selecting partners is upbringing a generation of ludicrously shallow daters. If you think about dating logically, of course there has to be a physical attraction but there’s so much more to a relationship than looks alone. Traditional dating techniques, allowed partners to indulge in conversations. People used to sit across each other and talk about their feelings and expectations before jumping into bed and cuddle. Talking is a very crucial entity of building relations that can sustain damages of time and last longer than just a night of meaningless romping in the back of an alley near a dumpster. The need hence is for an online international calling app. An app that can offer thrust of adventure, randomness and mystery alongside the basic need of conversation. An app that understands the value of communication in nurturing relations and bringing people together. One of such revolutionary online dating phone call app is iUV. This random phone call app enables users to connect to people across 186 countries, in 15 languages at random. Once connected you can talk your heart out to someone who is there to listen to you even before judging you for your looks.