Life is easy to live by when you have the support to humor to make you through. Humor is one of the best ways to keep the stress of the everyday humdrum at bay. Laughter is good for everyone and spreading laughter and joy should be the purpose of everybody in the world. And what better way to do it than by some self-directed laugh about the hilarious situations in our own life.

It may be hard for people to share everything with the people they know and are acquainted with, because they may fear some sort of judgment on the part of the others. This can be said to be true for everybody. This is where apps which allow anonymous cell phone calls become useful. Dialing, sharing and laughing at each other have been never this easy. Indeed, sharing situations of horror or weirdness and laughing about it later with anyone gives people a confidence to be up against anything in this world. The person who can laugh at one’s own follies can go up to do anything without fear of anyone or anything. This is the beneficial thing about humor, it gives people an unbridled sense of confidence about themselves.

Most of the times in this modern technological world of dating, we get stuck with disaster dates and in such a situation all we can think about are the ways to get away from that person. But once that is done, and when you look back upon them again, you realize how funny a situation is and laugh out at it. Also, your experience becomes very valuable to others. This is even more true when you go ahead to share such stories with people on online dating phone call apps. You not only discuss the thing that went wrong which made the thing a situation of dark humor but in that process you also let the other person hearing your story know how not to meet such people or even identity such a weirdo before going out on a blind date with him or her.

One app that lets you share your hilarious dating disaster stories without the fear of judgment is iUV with its free International calls online. So, for all those who have a disaster date story to share with the world and make people laugh and at the same time beware of setting out on such dates, this is the place for you.