Unfriend or block him on anonymous phone calls online app, because it is just not worth it

You might think you are a reasonable lady, who can handle everything as any mature person would. Why won’t you be able to look past occasional reminders of his Facebook timeline? We live in a grown up world, right? And then one day while scrolling down a dating site and there he is, flaunting a red head in his arms. And all you would want to do is crawl in your bedsheets and eat a big tub of ice-cream. So like I said earlier, block him from everywhere, it’s simply not worth the risk.

Do not be the one to suggest to stay “friends” – It never ends up good.

In an impulse to make the break-up feel casual and you do not care too much, you might just slip in this one idea of being just friends with him. This happens when one tries to present themselves as chill, in fact so chill that they are cold at heart. Anyway, whatever the scenario, in the end one person ends up wanting more than just friendship and this will never end up good.

If you get an impulse to do something not worthwhile like getting drunk, call someone on anonymous phone calling app instead.

The worst part of breaking up with someone is being alone and sad and drunk. You will get nihilistic and this my lady friend can make you end up hooking up with an old married guy with a ponytail in the back of an alley. The better option is to call someone random and let out your feelings. Let’s face it, we have all been heartbroken and it’s not like they will judge you for calling them all crying and sobbing.


anonymous phone calls online

If you want to text him, better throw the phone away in a room and lock the room for forever.

This is the worst of all the options above. You might expect to start a conversation that might lead to having a spring wedding with him, but face it gal, not gonna happen! Whatever the reason was, it is just not worth your or for all that matters his while.

Go to the same option of dialling someone up on iUV free dating calls app.  The app is a wonderful place for you to be on, and will take your grief away, while will keep you floating high on emotions.